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Mark Harrison
Great service and thanks for the pucks for my collection

Thank you for the great service and all the pucks I needed fir my collection

Michael Poullas
Game puck

Great puck, was added to my collection. Awesome service from the store staff

Kerry J Newstead
Great keepsakes

Great keepsakes from a great team.

Steve McGrail
Only placw to get League Pucks

Finished off collection of all teams in ohl. Nice that you can get all teams in one spot and for a great price.

Hockey guy
Pete's store is above average

The Pete's store is very good compared to some others. As far as I know, they are the only store that sells all of the OHL pucks besides the official supplier. This is excellent, and I will shop again for this reason alone.

I am being picky here, most people can disregard: My only complaint is that one of the pucks I ordered seems to not be from the season advertised in the shop photo. This was important to me as I am putting together a display case from a particular season (i.e., all the pucks need to be the from the same year/ of the same style). Also, that puck also has a noticeable flaw (again, only important for display-case purposes).